Orson – Data for Devops

Continuous Data for
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Orson – Data for Devops

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Organizations across sectors are driving to achieve Continuous Delivery to improve development velocity and time to market. Capabilities are maturing well in CI & CD, with deployment automation and orchestration taking care of infrastructure and code deployments consistently throughout the Delivery Pipeline. However, there are some Elephants on the Conveyor Belt. Specifically – Test Data and Test Preparation – two of the slowest and most manual activities in the lifecycle. Until these heavyweights can be streamlined to fit the delivery pipeline, deployment may be continuous, but testing most certainly isn’t.

Today we are Driving to Automate Everything.. a Conveyor Belt to Production


Orson automates and accelerates Data Provisioning and Test Preparation, effectively shrinking these traditionally slow and manual activities to enable Continuous Testing.

Orson ‘shrink wraps’ the longest poles in the tent’ so that they actually fit on the conveyor belt

How Orson Works

Orson calculates exactly what you need to test, and then generates everything you need to actually test it. This involves calculating optimal test coverage, expressed as a data pattern – in a consumable matrix, and then automating the rest of the testing lifecycle based on these data patterns, including: automation of data requests, data generation, calculation of expected results, matching data to tests, generating executable tests and feeding data to tests on demand. Orson then ties in with orchestration tools to enable truly Continuous Testing.


Orson puts the data in DevOps and enables Continuous Delivery by automating the slowest activities in the testing lifecycle. By shrink-wrapping test data and test preparation Agile teams can now fit robust testing in-Sprint, instead of accumulating Testing Debt – making Testing truly Continuous, and completing automation of the Delivery Pipeline. To quote the SVP of Technology for one of our leading FS clients, this capability is ‘game-changing’.

Virtual Data for Virtual Systems

Scaling virtual systems to enable Agile Integration

Coverage Calculation

Calculate optimal coverage in one click

Data Generation

Generate the right data, on demand

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