Calculate optimal coverage in one click


Calculate optimal coverage in one click

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Product quality, stability and integrity depend on high-fidelity testing. In the absence of an accessible and scientific approach to calculating optimal test coverage teams have traditionally resorted to risk based testing – running less tests to fit in-sprint or throwing people and money at the problem to cover as much ground as possible, without qualifying or quantifying the risk.

Orson removes the need for risk based testing – enabling organisations to automatically calculate exactly what needs to be tested, and then generate everything they need to actually test it. In so doing, Orson accelerates the entire Testing Lifecycle so that you always have time to test everything that really matters. The extreme efficiencies, quality uplift and risk reduction delivered by Orson has been referred to as: ‘truly game-changing’ by the SVP of Technology for an industry leading financial services customer.

Calculating Optimal Coverage

Orson’s power is matched only by its simplicity of use, enabling users of all skill sets to easily capture the intelligence that informs optimal test coverage, and rapidly converting this intelligence into consumable and extensible outputs. The result is a paradigm shift in the testing process, away from creating 1000s of individual assets which need to be individually maintained, and towards the collection of ‘testing intelligence’ in a small set of rules which then automatically generate 100s or 1000s of executable tests.

How Orson Works

Orson drives collaborative working, encouraging teams to work together to define their ‘coverage recipe’. From this simple set of rules. Orson then generates optimal coverage, in a consumable matrix which enables automation of test preparation as well as test execution. Updating your coverage is as simple as tweaking your coverage recipe. These simple rule changes then ripple through the lifecycle, automatically generating data, matching data to tests, calculating expected results and sending the right data and results on demand to teams and tools, for real time execution in your environments.

Reusable intelligence

With Orson’s reusable coverage intelligence you too can reduce SME bottlenecks in your SDLC, increasing project velocity, product quality and reducing testing costs by up to 75%.

Data Generation

Generate the right data, on demand

Test Preparation Automation

The keys to Continuous Testing

Continuous Data for Continuous Delivery

Orson – Data for Devops

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