Scaling virtual systems to enable Agile Integration

Virtual Data for Virtual Systems

Scaling virtual systems to enable Agile Integration

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Deployment Automation and Orchestration have made environment provisioning easier and more repeatable. But the issue of component availability remains a serious constraint for Continuous Testing. Virtual services or stubbing frameworks are required to stand in for components which are unavailable, to ensure testing can be truly continuous. Stubs and virtual services add substantial value by enabling product teams and value streams to test autonomously and by alleviating constraints during integration testing.


These capabilities (stubs and virtual services) can be quick and easy to use when there is minimal variation required from the ‘virtual systems’. But as data coverage increases when you move beyond unit testing, greater variation is required in the virtual system responses. Adding to this challenge, in integrated environments, the data in virtual systems must be kept aligned with data in the actual systems, or the tests will fail, creating additional maintenance overhead.


How does Orson work

Orson enables stubs and virtual services to work effectively at scale by calculating the response variations required, generating the data needed to support these variations and then feeding this data on demand to virtual systems. Usable stubs with support for extensive variations can be generated in minutes, making stubbing frameworks viable for use in all environments. In addition, Orson ensures that the data generated to support virtual services and stubs remains aligned with the test data in the actual systems in hybrid environments.


Orson’s ability to dramatically reduce the test preparation effort and maintenance overhead for the creation and maintenance of virtual systems has the following benefits:


  • Shrinks the effort required to support scalable virtual services x 10s / 100s
  • Automates the creation of virtual services in alignment with CI /CD objectives
  • Version controls the data
  • Maintains alignment between virtual and actual systems
  • Single source of truth for data sets – both actual and virtual, tests and stubs

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